How Does The Blasting Company Protect My Property?

Blasters are licensed professionals who are required by regulation and by employers to continually obtain training. They are trained to plan, design , implement and monitor each blast. This training stresses safety in all aspects including protection of your property. Prior to blasting, pre-blast inspections/surveys are offered to nearby property owners to document the existing condition of the buildings and identify any sensitive structures, building components or contents.

Will The Blasting Vibrations Damage My Foundation?

The foundation is the strongest part of the house. Vibration standards are designed to protect the weakest parts of the house, such as plaster and drywall. Ground vibrations strong enough to crack foundations consisting of concrete and masonry would far exceed the limits set by typical blast standards.

How Are Blastng Impacts Monitored?

Blasting seismographs will be used to measure ground vibrations and noise generated during blasting to ensure compliance with safe and regulated levels.

What Does A Seismograph Do?

A blasting seismograph is a tool that is used to document compliance with these standards. A blasting seismograph measures and records the airwaves from the blast. The information is reported as waveforms, also known as time history records. Time histories show how the strength (amplitude) if tge waves varies over time. Amplitudes are reported as particle velocity (inches per second) for ground waves and pressure (pounds per square inch) or decibels for airwaves. The blasting seismograph information is used to show compliance with regulations or specified limits and evaluate blast design performance. Most importantly, it verifies that the ground and air vibrations are within standards set to protect structures.

Can You Alter The Data On A Seismograph?

No. Blasting seismograph data is stored digitally and coded internally to prevent tampering. The data is printed with propietary software from the manufacturer. Each shot is recorded and turned into the state at then of every month for evaluation.

Why Do Some Blasts Feel Stronger Than Others?

How a blast feels depends on ground or airwaves that reach your house. These are influenced by the type of blast, the distance from the blast and the amount of explosives. Your location on the property also affects your perception of the blast.

How Long After Blasting Can My House Be Affected?

Vibration energy is not stored in the house and has no potential to be cummulative. Each blast is a single event and rarely lasts more than a few seconds.